The birth story of Jasmine Ruth


I have another birth story for you. But I'm not going to tell this one. This Mama's journey to motherhood is best told by her. Infertility and adoption aren't talked about enough. I hope Brandy's story inspires you, just as she's inspired me.

"After my loving husband and I endured eight years of infertility, two rounds of IVF and one miscarriage, God led us to complete our family through adoption. We had always discussed it but had not yet put anything into action. Once we started the process, I felt strongly led specifically to adopt a baby girl. A year after starting the process, we were blessed with our daughter Lillian Belle on 04/01/2016. We knew we had always wanted to have at least two children but wanted to wait to start the process again. February 2017 brought us a surprise opportunity to adopt, but we felt that it was not what God had planned for us. This experience did make us address that we were indeed ready to adopt again. We met Kayla Reeder, after she was recommended by my best friend for Lillie’s First Birthday pictures and asked her to take a couple of pictures to announce our wanting to start our second adoption. Before we could use those pictures to make our announcement, we got the most amazing news. We believe in open adoption and had kept in touch with Lillian’s birth family who has also became an extension to our family. So the same day that we received our pictures from Kayla, also became the same day that we were asked to adopt Lillian’s sibling. In May, I was blessed to experience something that I thought would be impossible in my life. I witnessed the ultrasound and discovery that the baby we were adopting was another baby girl. God had given us her name the night before: Jasmine Ruth. We also found out the due date was August, but July brought us our baby girl. She was several weeks early, so her first week of life, we spent with her in the NICU but the day we left to bring her home was one of those wonderfully unforgettable days. Our life is doubly blessed because of our two girls who have brought such joy, love and happiness to our life. We adore that they have each other and know this is something that only God could have done."

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