Jasmine's Adoption, finalized.

From the moment Brandy & Steve found out about Jasmine she was part of their family. She was theirs, but the state of Florida made it official this week. I was honored to have been there to witness such a beautiful moment for this family. This was their second time going through this process (the first time with Jasmine's older sister), Brandy said this time was much quicker than the last, she also said "I almost feel bad having everyone come for such a short moment". Instantly I thought NO WAY, I am SO GLAD we were all there to show support and love for this moment, this may have been a quick day but the moments leading up to it were long. They were sometimes hard, but this quick moment, was a blessing. Jasmine has been their baby since her birth when they got to take her home from the nicu, but this was it. She's now a Brown.

This "quick" day couldn't have come to a more deserving family. Jasmine is blessed to have such an amazing forever family.

Kayla ReederComment