Hudson fast & furious natural birth in Crestview, FL

Hailey knew what day she was going to have her surprise gender baby and she knew baby was going to come quick! I just didn't realize how quick. Alex messaged me that morning to let me know she was 6-7cm so I took my time and headed her way since she was only 10 minutes from my house. I walked up to labor and delivery with no since of urgency. after all she was just entering transition.. as soon as I walked through the doors I was met by a nurse who asked if I was going to be in the room during delivery, of course I answered... "You better hurry" ... I ran down the hall to her room where Dr Hamby was just walking in! I quickly got to work, documenting those last minutes before her son was Earthside. It's A BOY dad said! The room was full of joy! Just look at Dr Hamby's face! What a blessing to call this my career! Documenting these perfect moments for amazing people! 

A huge thank you to Dr Hamby & the sweet nurses at North Okaloosa Medical Center for their excellent care and welcoming my camera into their space.

Hailey & Alex, congratulations! I am so happy for you and your family of FIVE! Hudson is one loved little boy!