Rainbow Baby Hospital Birth in Destin, FL

Amanda contacted me when she first found out she was pregnant! She knew that she wanted to this birth photographed. Earlier in the year she lost a baby boy. She told me his story and it broke my heart. I wanted this for her. I prayed over her pregnancy and when she was 16 weeks and everything was perfect, she decided it was time to book! We got to know each other at her maternity session and kept in contact via text at the end of her pregnancy. Y'all, Claire wanted to make an entrance. Poor Amanda was in labor for what seemed like a week. She was such a trooper though! Her water finally broke and she rushed to the hospital, I was right behind her! Her older boys came quick so we both assumed this little lady would be the same. 

Claire had other plans. She wanted to make everyone wait. Amanda labored for hours naturally. She was so strong. After an exhausting day with so many interesting moments, she got an epidural and just a few hours later, Claire was here! Perfect in every single way and adored by everyone. 

Amanda & Clay are such amazing parents with so much love for their babies. It was a blessing to be able to document this incredible moment for their family. The rainbow birth of Claire Elizabeth. <3

Kayla Reeder5 Comments