Beautiful Hospital Birth in Destin, FL

Morgan and I chatted on the phone for the first times a few months before she was due. We discussed her birth and her little ones. When we met for her maternity session we hit it off. Her kids are around the same age as mine and they are the absolute sweet little ones! I loved getting to know them and celebrating their baby sister, Isla. 

Morgan went in for an induction on January 17. She had told me that her previous labors were not quick so I waited until she was 5/6 cm and headed her way. When I walked into the room she had just gotten her epidural after a long morning of contractions gaining intensity. The room was quiet and peaceful. Her husband was so attentive and sweet. It was beautiful to witness. Morgan thought this was going to be a long day, but Isla had other plans. Soon it was time to push! Not long after that Isla was born. She was beautiful. Perfect in every way. And by far one of the cheesiest babies I've ever seen. Covered Head to Toe in BirthDay Frosting! (VERNIX!)

Blessings to you Morgan and your beautiful family! Thank you for allowing me to document such an amazing moment!! 

Kayla Reeder1 Comment