New Years Eve Birth in Destin, FL

It's an honor every single time a family trusts me to capture these beautiful memories for them, but it's an even bigger honor when a fellow photographer chooses me. Maria (of and I talked about her birth for months. When she booked me she let me know her due date was 1/5/17 but wanted to make sure I was aware that Luna would probably be making her grand entrance on New Years Eve.

Sure enough, on New years eve Maria's water broke! Her contractions were slow to start but when they finally picked up they were intense. During early labor her beautiful little Ava (6 years old) was so attentive. She rubbed her Mama's belly and got her whatever she could. But a Mama knows. As soon as we convinced Ava to take a little nap around 4-5am Maria's contractions picked up. After a while she was exhausted. It was morning. She got an epidural so she could get some rest before (what we were thinking) would be a long day. At that point I decided to go get breakfast. I ran to the cafeteria, and they were still closed. So I hopped in the car and went to the closest restaurant for a biscuit. I ate as quickly as I could because I wanted to get back.. Sure enough as I'm walking up to the hospital I get a phone call. She's complete. Yall I was barely gone 25 minutes! I ran upstairs and the nurses were putting the room together for Delivery. Everyone was smiles! The room had caught a second wind. Dr Esses came in and Maria delivered a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. Luna Grace. She was perfect in every way. Ava was there the entire time supporting her mama. And once Luna was here, she quickly stepped into the role she had been waiting for. Big Sister. Ava & Daddy cut the cord together. It was so perfect.

Congratulations Griner Family. Thank you for letting me document this Amazing Day!

Kayla Reeder4 Comments