Maternity Milk Bath on the Emerald Coast

Pregnancy should be celebrated. A woman's body growing and changing - creating life! There's nothing more glorious. One of my favorite ways to celebrate Pregnancy is with a relaxing and beautiful milk bath. These images are timeless. Mom will look at them for years to come and celebrate this short but powerful chapter of her life. 

This Mama is a second time mom. We did quick maternity pictures with her first but I really wanted to her to have something to cherish with this pregnancy as it will be her last for now. We decided on a milk bath with soft flowers. I couldn't be happier with the results and neither could she. Not to mention how fun this session was! We talked about the little one inside of her and planned for an herbal bath to welcome him. I'll share those breath taking images soon. For now, I hope this inspires someone else to document fleeting chapter of life.

Kayla ReederComment