Easy Hospital Induction in Destin, FL

Jamie's Birth Story as told by Jamie Herself <3

"My entire pregnancy I prayed and prayed I would go into labor on my own and that I wouldn't have to have an induction and go through what I went through with Trase. Well time was getting closer and closer and nothing was happening. I switched doctors and she wouldn't let me go past 40 weeks and a day. The 19th was quickly approaching which was my original induction date. Twelve hours before my induction I got that phone call informing me it was being cancelled because they didn't have a bed open. How aggravating and heartbreaking and how disappointing right? So I called back that next day which was that Wednesday to find out when I would be scheduled back in and they told me to come in that Thursday at 4am and to call beforehand to make sure a bed was available, so I did and they informed me again that they were full. Well from there I just told God it was in his hands and to do his thing. I got a phone call that Thursday night around 6:30pm telling me to come in on Friday morning at 4am they have a bed and to be ready! So we did! We get there get everything situated and they started my IV. They started my Pitocin at a 2 and my nurse came in and said the doctor is here to break your water and I said nope I don't want my water broken, I wanted to go as long as I can before getting it broken. She walks out and about 10-15 minutes later I told Kyle to wake up I'm either bleeding or my water broke and to go get my nurse! He ran out the door and the nurse came in to check me and sure enough it had broken! I was so happy! She said it would've probably happened today regardless which made me even more happy! He was suppose to come today! At this point they continued my Pitocin and the contractions were bearable. I got toa 16 with my Pitocin before the pain was just too much. I'm sure I could've went natural but I didn't want to. I went that route with Trase not by choice and it wasn't fun. My epidural worked amazing. Everything about it was amazing. I got checked twice after and within minutes I was at 10. My emotions were crazy at this point. Could this really be happening? Were we really about to have another baby? Am I ready? I didn't feel ready. Nothing felt real. Just like that it was time to push! He came so fast. It was incredible. I got to reach down and get my baby boy and I put him on my chest and just like that all was right in the world. I felt complete. I couldn't wait for his big brother to meet him. Everyone expected an 8 pounder but he was our little guy weighing in at just 7 pounds and 2 ounces. Pure perfection. 

Little Declan was a big surprise for our little family, unexpected and not planned. He completes our little circle for now. This pregnancy was by far the easiest and most enjoyable. We couldn't thank God enough for blessing us with these beautiful little guys. "


It was such an honor to be there for this little guy's birth. I can't wait to watch you grow Declan Ryder!