Quick Hospital Birth in Fort Walton Beach, FL

This birth story was so beautiful to be apart of. Nora made her everyone wait! We all thought she was coming early like her siblings, but she decided she'd take her time. Finally, Amanda text me and let me know that her water broke! Knowing this was her fourth baby, I decided not to wait around. I made my way to the hospital around 6:30. They gave Amanda pitocin to get things started since her water broke and the contractions were slow coming. Amanda was amazing! She labored naturally as the pit slowly crept up. Eventually, enough was enough. She told the nurse the pitocin needed to be turned off. She was 8cm at this time and needed some relief. She was progressing quickly! The nurse agreed, an epidural would be out of the question so this was the best option of Amanda. (So proud of her for advocating for herself and KNOWING what she needed!) Just 30 minutes later Amanda was adamantly telling us baby was coming, NOW! I quickly ran to the nurse and asked that she check her. The nurse confirmed, it was BABY TIME! The doctor was called and the nurses pleaded with Amanda to wait to push, it didn't matter, her body knew what it was doing. Dr Whitaker BARELY made it. Threw on some scrubs, not even bothering to tie them. Just a moment later, Nora flew out into the world in a rush! It was AMAZINGGGGGGG! The nurses cleared out fairly quickly after that and gave the new mom and dad some time with their precious girl.