Cade's Birth in Destin, FL

It was a dark and stormy night ;) and I just knew that something was going to happen. I told my husband "Watch, Kaylea's going to go into labor tonight because of all this rain." Sure enough Kaylea & Trey messaged me around 10 pm on Saturday night to let me know that Kaylea's water broke! She wanted to labor at home and wait it out, so I waited. (I'm about an hour from the hospital) She went in to the hospital around midnight, so I went ahead and left. I got there around one and Kaylea was 6cm dilated and almost fully effaced. She was a trooper! Her doula, Jenny, was so attentive and sweet. It was beautiful to witness. Each contraction was bringing her son closer to being born. As the contractions got closer and closer together the pain was starting to get to much so Kaylea requested an epidural. After she got her epi she labored down and was soon ready to start pushing. After what seemed like no time at all, Cade came into this world! He was so anxious to take his first breath he took it too soon and ended up with a chest full of fluids. The nurses took care of Cade and Dr Esses took care of Kaylea, each one dealing with small hurdles. (their stories to tell) Finally, Kaylea was able to put Cade on her chest for some skin to skin. It was so healing and beautiful to witness. The love in the room was out of this world. <3