Bennett's Home Birth with Practical Midwifery in Panama City, FL

I think this birth was my very most anticipated. I always get excited for each story I get to document but this was different. Practical Midwifery ( is a new home birth option for this area (they swerve Panama City all the way to Pensacola)  and I was VERY interested in seeing how they worked both together and with their clients. Having met them before hand at Laura’s prenatal appointment and at For a family session I knew I liked them. 

But seeing them in action. It was beautiful. They were so soft and sweet with Laura. There when she needed them and holding space when she was comfortable on her own. You can tell they both have a deep respect for the sacred birth space. 

I look forward to working with Margo and Kizie in the future! If you’re thinking of a home birth, don’t leave Practical Midwifery out of your options!   

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The birth of Bennett River was so beautiful, Laura was so incredibly strong. Since this was her third little one she knew once it was time things would go quickly, she called us and we all got settled. I didn’t want to crowd her and things seemed to look like they had time so I offered to go pick up dinner and some Bennedryl for her while she labored quietly with her husband and her midwives. 

As I was on my way back I got a text. It was Margo. I knew things were picking up even though she didn’t say so in the message. I hurried.

I walked in the door to a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ROOM. How long was I gone? Where had this tub come from and all of the beautiful tea lights? The atmosphere was so peaceful, then I heard the moans of a woman in transition getting ready to give birth. I threw everything on the counter and grabbed my camera and got to work.

A very short time later Bennett River joined his family Earthside in a room filled with peace and love. 

It was perfect. 

I’m so honored you allowed me to document this incredible moment for you Laura. ♥️

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