Abby Ann's Belly Birth at Sacred Heart in Destin, FL

It was an early morning for me. I left my kids with the sitter and headed to the hospital around 630. Ann & her husband were already there. Waiting. They were in triage, getting ready to meet their 4th child via cesarean. Abby Ann wasn't just the 4th baby, she was a rainbow baby. The anticipation was loud. We were all ready for this sweet baby to be here. Dr. Graham had performed Ann's previous 3 cesareans. All complication free with minimal scar tissue. She was sure Abby Ann's would be the same. 

After just a few hours of waiting, and only being pushed back a little bit it was time to go back. The staff at Sacred Heart on the Emerald Coast are absolutely amazing. I've worked with most of them before so it was a lot of familiarity. They were so accommodating to me in their OR. They respected Ann's wishes of documenting this little ones arrival. 

Finally, after getting everything ready, it was time to pull Abby Ann in the world from her Mother's womb. But there was a pause when they broke her water. Mec. That's all that was said. Dr Graham acted quickly, as did her amazing staff. Soon, the room calmed and there she was. I don't even think Mom knew about the hiccup until after she met her sweet girl for the first time. 

Y'all. Abby Ann is a dream. She hardly cried. She just looked around. Full of curiosity. Then she relaxed. She's an old soul. Eyes full of wonder. She's wise beyond her minutes. 

Her birth was so peaceful. So JOYFUL. I'm honored, yet again, to be welcomed by the staff at Sacred heart. Honored so much more to be welcomed into Ann's birth space. Her & Her sweet husband have a beautiful family full of love. I loved being able to document the older siblings meeting the newest member of the crew!

Blessings to you Heppding Family!!