Graham's Black & White Hospital birth in Pensacola, FL

When I met Nikki, she and I just clicked! She's such a beautiful soul and her preschool age daughter reminded me so much of my own, spunky preschool girl! We had so much fun getting to know each other at her maternity session! 

She let me know she was in labor on Valentine's morning. With her first daughter she was in labor for 36 hours so we thought this might take a little bit longer. She went about her morning as usual (WONDER WOMAN I TELL YOU!). A little later she decided to make her way to the hospital. When they kept her I decided to make my way to her since it was a 45 minute drive. Along the way her Mom kept me up to date as her husband and I both raced to the hospital. I pull in the parking lot 45 minutes later and her mom calls me, she's 9cm. I make my way up stairs with haste. She's had an epidural so the room is calm (much different than earlier I was told ;) ) This sweet mama was listening to worship music her beautiful mom whispered encouraging words to her. It was a blessing to witness. Her husband made it right after me. The room lightened as it was time to meet her son. Her daughter came in for a kiss before it was time to push, it encouraged mama, you could tell.

Soon after than Graham made his way into the world! He is BEAUTIFUL. Mama had immediate skin to skin with him and Dad showered them in love. The room was bursting at the seems with love. It radiated through them. Big sister was no different, she tenderly touched her little brother and Nikki's parent's grinned with pride at their daughter's family.

 Thank you so much for allowing me to document his arrival, Nikki! I wish you and your family years of happiness!!

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