Rowan's birth at Sacred Heart in Destin, FL

It’s been my honor to document all 3 of Jamie’s Birth Stories. Most recently she gave birth to her little lady, Rowan. She arrived at the hospital at 4am to start her induction, but I was already there with another client! All morning I went tucked in and out to each of them since they were next door to each other. Jamie’s labor started picking up and she requested an epidural. It’s always a wonderful experience when the anesthesiologist allows me to stay for such a process! Jamie was so strong, she owned her whole experience, even the parts she didn’t plan for! After what seemed like no time at all it was time to push. And then, in what quite literally was not time at all - Rowan was born! It was such a beautiful birth. I feel so honored and blessed by this work!

Kayla Reeder6 Comments