The Vaginal Twin Birth of Liv & Mila at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center

Chelsea and I talked about her birth plan months before she actually gave birth. I was so excited that she and her care provider had made the decision to attempt a vaginal delivery. I asked her to tell me a little about that, I'd love to share her words with you all:

"Wow. Where do I begin, we found out mid February that my husband and I would be welcoming not one, but two babies into this crazy world. To join our other two kids, Addyson and Waylon. I remember that first doctors appointment like it was yesterday, and one of the first questions was, “am I going to be able to deliver them vaginally” my doctor told me we will do what we can. Later on as the pregnancy progressed and the babies were doing well, baby A was head down already around 20 weeks and my doctor told me as long as Liv (baby A) stayed head down, we would be able to deliver the way I hoped. And we did. We had the twins on August 18,2017. I had delivered vaginally with both of my singletons. And I thought this would be just the same, I was wrong. I had not one but two epidurals that didn’t work, so the pain was something I had never felt. It was the most excruciating pain. I thought it was never going to end and I kept thinking i just can’t do this. I just want to have a c-section. But next thing I knew I was being checked and wheeled off to the O. R room for delivery. Liv was born first, posterior aka, sunny side up and 10 minutes later Mila followed behind. The pain was gone, the twins were here and they were every bit of perfection. It was all worth it. We left the hospital 2 days later. No nicu for the twins, no health issues. And Kayla Reeder documented every little thing. She made life long memories for me and my family, that I will cherish forever. "

Chelsea you were so absolutely amazing! It was an honor to document Liv & Mila's birth!