Vivian's peaceful home birth with Gentle Birth Option

As I walked into Hillary & Scott's home in Crestview, FL there was a calm, peaceful vibe come over me. I tiptoed into her room and whispered my Hello.. She was soaking in the tub getting through each surge. She told me she thought it would be quite a while yet, I remember telling her that usually when mom's say that to me baby comes quickly after. Shortly after I arrived GBO's birth assistant arrived and started getting the Birth Pool filled up. Cindi was right after her. 

Once Cindi got there and checked in on Hillary you could tell things had changed. The Birth Pool idea was abandoned. Cindi saw that it was time. Hillary was fighting against her body. With a few encouraging words to work with her body and give in the the surges Hillary was pushing, right there in the bath tub in her master bathroom. She worked so hard and finally it was time, Vivian's head was out.. Scott reached down and as Hillary pushed Vivian's body out he pulled her up to her chest. She was here. Just one hour after I got there. 

It was beautiful. Her older two children arrived a little later and were so excited to meet their newest blessing. This family is so full of love, it was amazing to document this chapter of their lives!

Kayla ReederComment