A Year in the Life

Every year I see the same families in the fall. I watch as their kids get bigger or their family grows! The images over the years tell a story, one of missing teeth and extra fingers and toes and sometimes furry brothers and sisters! I love documenting your family that one time a year.. but life is made up of so much more than those 30 minutes I document. 

I want to document a whole trip around the sun for your family. And when the trip around the sun is over, I want you to have a beautiful, luxury album to look through with your children as they grow, and their children and their children's children. Life is made up of moments, each one special in their own way. That's where the Year in the Life package comes in. 

Over the course of 12 months we'll get together 6 times. Each time I'll come to you to document wherever you are in life. Maybe your kids are out for summer and you've spent a lot of time at the beach or the zoo, I'll tag along and help you remember the excitement your 2 year old shows when she sees her favorite animal. What about the bedtime routine, daddy coming home and your little one running up for the big hug that everyone's come to expect and the dinner they helped you cook and bath time and the 4 stories and 15 hugs and 12 kisses your little one asks for every single nights.. Those are the moments you're living in, let me preserve them for you. Then the holidays come around, maybe you have a special tradition of cookie baking, let me help you remember what those tiny fingers covered in frosting look like.

The days may be long in this season of life, but the years are short. This is an investment in your family. The gift of time for you to look back on whenever you want.


What's included?
- Consultation (Phone or in person) where we'll talk about your family and how I can   document your year
- 6 days of documenting spread over the course of 12 months. Some sessions could   be 1 hour while others might be 3-4. This depends on what the plans are. We'll   make these plans together
- You'll receive a beautiful, luxury 40 page spread album 4-6 weeks after your final   session featuring images from all sessions done through out the year. Before the   album is printed you'll be able to view the spread and we can make any necessary   changes
- All final digitals from each day will be delivered online via digital download
- Sessions must be in Okaloosa county, any session outside of Okaloosa county will   have a travel fee

What's the investment?
- $2400
- Payment plans are accepted
    *$200 due every month for 12 months
    *$400 due every other month of 12 months
    *Paid in full before your first session
     *$400 must be paid before your first session, then another $400 before your next, etc, etc.



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